Rules NY

No smoking - All MyLimoParty bus are no smoking. We do not allow anyone to smoke anywhere inside the bus.

Alcohol - BYOD

Nothing Illegal Allowed - MyLimoParty does not allow any illegal activity of any kind, this includes but not limited to drugs, prostitution, or gambling. We have worked very hard to provide a safe, secure, relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy and we will do everything in our power to protect our guests and the bus. If you know something is illegal don't do it, anyone found doing anything illegal will be permanently banned for life.
ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL DRUGS - Please DO NOT bring any kind of illegal drugs to the bus; the last thing that any of us want is to bring unwanted attention to the bus. No sharing of prescription drugs is allowed. Anyone caught with any illegal drug will be asked to leave immediately, NO REFUND, and banned from the bus.
No Weapons Allowed - Everyone is here to make new friends and have fun. Absoulty no one is allowed to have a weapon inside the bus. Small pocket knives, pepper spray, etc. for your personal protection are fine. Guns, absolutely not allowed, even if they are unloaded do not bring them in the bus. If you feel as though you need a weapon at our bus then we do not want you at our bus. Anyone found with a weapon will be banned from the bus and not allowed back, ever.
If you see anything wrong, have a problem with someone or something please tell us immediately and let us know during the party when it happens. We cannot fix things if we do not know something is wrong. Just let anyone in a security shirt know, go to the front, or ask to talk to Sam, the bus owners.

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