about us

Juvenal LLC has been in business since 2013 to offer a great limousine services to New York City visitors and residents. Juvenal LLC started out with the service ‘MyLimoPool’, a popular online reservation airport carpool limousine service, which picks up customers from the airport and brings them to fabulous New York City destinations like a rock star.

In Spring 2016, Juvenal LLC expanded its business to the luxury party bus service ‘MyLimoParty’, which is the new generation of tourist bus experiences in New York City. MyLimoParty is the first party bus service that offers sightseeing, all-inclusive snacks & drinks and a party, all in one.


If you just came to New York and want to have a nice ride to your destination, then make a reservation with MyLimoPool.


A new way to (re)visit New York City! MyLimoparty is an all-inclusive sightseeing party bus with unlimited drinks and snacks. We offer 3 different tours for different age groups.